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Women's Solidarity T-Shirt (red) £14.00
Men's grey t-shirt with vote slogan in black
Men's VOTE T-Shirt (black) £14.00
Picture of 3 window stickers
Labour Window Stickers £1.50
Image of Mary Barbour pin badge
Mary Barbour Pin Badge (Colour) £0.50
Image of Labour Party t-shirt
Labour Party T-Shirt £7.50
Labour A2 Correx £33.00
Scottish Labour Balloons £10.00
Welsh Labour Balloons £10.00
Image of Nye Bevan poster with welsh slogan
Nye Bevan Poster Welsh £4.00
Image of Nye Bevan poster with english slogan
Nye Bevan Poster English £4.00
Welsh Labour Poster £9.00
Durham Miners tote bag £9.50
Image of Nye Bevan mug with picture of Nye in black and white
Nye Bevan Mug £6.00
image of nye bevan tote bag
Nye Bevan Tote £7.00
Image of Nye Bevan print with white frame
Nye Bevan Framed Print £12.00
Image of white t-shirt with picture of Jeremy Corbyn on
Jeremy Corbyn red and white t-shirt £10.00
Working Together Bag £5.00
Image of labour's flexible working leaflet
International Women’s Day leaflet £15.00
Labour Campaign A4 Posters £7.00
Labour/For the many, not the few banner stand (double) £115.00